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Dec 30, 2004
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Manchester, UK
I live in the UK so responses would preferably be geared towarss that.

I was wondering what you have to do to photograph an event like a sports event and get where you see the other photographers. Like inside the track at an athletics championship etc.

Surely you don't have to be allied to a newspaper because most fo the people must be freelance. So I was wondering if you need to be part of an association or something?
You need an NUJ card for freelance to get a press pass. Either that or you get a commission from a magazine or paper to cover the event and they will organise a pass.
To qualify for an NUJ card you need to make at least half your annual income from journalism or photo-journalism.
You may find some help here too
There are numerous places you can get a press pass from, but the NUJ is the biggest issuing authority. You could be reasonably economical with the statistics on earnings and convince them that the majority of your income is from personal journalism.

You need to sign up I believe to get the "benefits of union membership" before they will give you a card. It wasn't particularly cheap - I wrote to them a while ago trying to get another Press card, but they never replied.

I have no income so if I sell a picture to someone of an event then that will be 100% of my income so I could get one :thumbup:

They probably have a clause thoguh :x
Daniel said:
I have no income so if I sell a picture to someone of an event then that will be 100% of my income so I could get one :thumbup:

They probably have a clause thoguh :x

Nope, I think you're probably ok, if you can afford it. I believe it was a lot of money for a union - something like £70 a month for full membership. Try phoning them - they didn't reply to my e-mails.

There's a local magazine here that will usually sort out passes for stuff if your willing to photograph and write. You could try checking for something similar in your area
Yes you dont nessacery need the NUJ as I am "Senior Photographer" for (Where It all first began for me and now I've worked my way up to where I am now!) And I get in at all the local football stadiums and Race Tracks saying that I am photographing for them. Normally have to ring before hand just to check. I am sure you could find something simular in your area or if you ring the local newspapers and offer some of your photos to them I'm sur ethey will happerly accept.

I personally have/will have carried out a number of work experiences by the end of April throughout the UK from My local Paper to The Times in London. :p So many people know me and know of me so just get yourself out there!

Good Luck! PM me if you want further help!
I get the feeling this would probably take alot of time and attention which I don't really have. I don't plan on being an events photographer or any photographer. Just thought it might be fun to do if it was easy.

God stuff never is I suppose.
Yes it does take time, but as I want to do it for a profession its worth it :p

Just try and go along to local events or ring some up and see if okay to attend. You may have to pay sometimes but if you enjoy yourself for the day its worth it.

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