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Aug 19, 2003
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hey! im looking around for some photography courses i can get into for next year, ive heard about the Australian Centre for Photography in paddington and went to the website and it looks pretty good. can anyone tell me whether this college is worthwhile for somebody looking to go into the profession, or any other photography courses around sydney?
I've not heard anything about ACP, other than its supposed to be quite prestigious.

A few months back I looked into doing a few semesters at uni. UWS (the uni i attended for 3 years) has some stuff, but I don't think it would be anywhere near what you'd get at ACP. Mind you, I'd imagine that you would pay more per minute of learning at ACP.

Anyway, yeah, reading back over it, I don't think this post will be very useful. But oh well, the submit button awaits.
Good to have another sydney girl on board :)
ive reasearched them rosey. Paddington is pretty bloody expensive, I know that!
I did a mini 8 week course and my tutor said that the TAFE photography courses are very good. He also said even if your portfolio isn't brilliant, the best way to get into the courses is to show your dedication and your will to learn. They are very competitive and showing in the interviews that you are dedicated and passionate will get you ahead.

Have a look
here for some course run downs.

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alright lucky....from a jealous standpoint...that wasnt cool at all :lol:

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yeah ive been looking around, but i think ACP impresses me the most, although i will apply for a course at TAFE. Ive already done 2yrs of photography at school and know the basics plus darkroom manipulation such as toning, solarization etc and i would have to get credited at TAFE to go onto a higher course. as for getting in, i will just have to show them how passionate i am, and do lots and lots of work on my portfolio, which i am putting together right now! im also hoping to get a darkroom at home soon, which would be great!!!!! :D

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