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    First a little about me. I went to a Vocational High School and have a Graphic Communications education from there. That was back in the 80's so no digital photography. Actually we just started using computers for typesetting. I did have a photography courses the whole four years. Right after high school I started doing weddings but decided at 18 there was no reason to put up with brides and mothers of the brides. Anyway I am back (not doing weddings again yet but may be getting close) I have been doing sports photography and some senior school portraits. I have been thinking of taking the NYIP proffessional photographers course and waswondering if anyone has taken it and could maybe give me a critique of it?


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    I am currently taking the professional course and just on my 1st unit out of 6. So far its really good. The benefit is taking it as slow or as fast you like. You do have to purchase a cassette player for the 'teacher on tape' portion. All the videos are on dvd though. You get little extras too like a photographer's log and reference guide, a press pass, and a photo umbrella. I haven't sent off my work yet but you do get a personalized critique of your work on tape.

    You also get a personal advisor that you can email/fax/write. I already asked a question via email and got a reply the next business day so I know they are there for me. Hope this helps in making a decision.

    p.s. you can use either digital or film in this course... i asked

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