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Feb 11, 2006
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Bristol, UK
Well, I've decided to give up and go on a photography course, I'm not learning the technical side of things very well at all and I keep missing shots which I know are there because I don't take them properly. The question is, does anyone know of a worthwhile course in the Oxford area that I could go on? I really don't want to spend a load of money and time and come away having been told about the rule of thirds, it's the technical stuff I'm really interested in...
I think most of them are accredited in some way, shape or form now. I'm currently doing an OCN (open college network) in black and white photography which is mostly based in the darkroom (i.e. not much direct teaching about composition etc.) but it has enhanced my knowledge and picture taking ability loads.

I think the other options are BTEC's HND's and City and Guilds, but I think you'd have to speak to the course tutors to realy find out about them. Sorry, not much help!

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