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Aug 10, 2011
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Warminster, PA
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Helo everyone, I hope I am not recreating a thread that has already been made. I used search but didnt find anything.

So anyways, I was hoping that this thread could be a great place for all of us to post our facebook page links with a little information about what kind of work we do and/or someone else as well (design, etc.). Sure we all have a certain amount of followers on facebook, some more than others but how many off those followers really appreciate and/or care about what you are posting. I made this to interact with other people who share the same interest of photography in general, people who would appreciate looking at new work that you post up every day. I have just over 1,600 followers on my page but a small number of that actually interact with it and view it. So I will start off by posting mine below.

I am mainly an automotive photographer but I do enjoy doing portraits, events, and look forward to much more in the future.
Ok I will bite, I'm shamed by your number of followers, I have a whopping 69! Maybe I will make 70 ;)
I shoot anything but really enjoy fine art.
I'm on my iPod so for now I will point you to the link in my signature.

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