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    I'm reading a "learn at home" photography book with review questions in the back and there are few that I still can not figure out please help! Sorry if any of these question are dumb its hard for me to learn on my own! -Thanks

    1) To aviod perpective distortion when shooting portraits, is a 50mm lens and good choice to use for a 35mm camera?

    2) Is a lens of around 50mm is regarded as a normal lens for all cameras regardless of flim size?

    3) To avoid linear distortion when photography a tall buliding with a 35mm camera, should you position the camera so that the face of the lens is parallel to the face or side of the building?

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    1) A 50mm lens is an okay choice for for general portraiture with a 35mm camera if all you're worried about is having a "normal" perspective. But in practice, I think a focal length of 85mm is more popularly preferred. It compresses perspective just a tad but it offers a more comfortable working distance.

    2) No. Whether or not a lens is normal depends on the camera format. While 50mm is considered normal for 35mm, normal for medium format cameras are longer focal lengths like 80mm, 100mm, etc.

    3) Yep, that should minimize distortion. Better yet, if you have the silver for a tilt-shift lens...

    But now I have to wonder since you have all these unanswered questions...not that questions are bad, mind you...

    ...perhaps you took the wrong book home. This one just doesn't seem to be working out well for you.

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