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Dec 3, 2007
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Hi all!

I'm working on a new web site to help people just getting into photography. I'm developing essentially a glossary of a bunch of photography terms. I'm looking for some constructive criticism. I know I've barely scratched the surface, but I'm looking to expand it and maybe eventually convert it to a wiki format site.

Take a look!

Ha, You're using a dreamweaver template.

It's a nice site. I think that you should explore the possibility of making it Wiki site because it'd be easier for you.
Yeah this is actually the first site I've ever built. Originally I was using iWeb... But it was too.... simple... So I decided to try out dreamweaver... So it's been up for a week and I'm already on Version two. I'm sure version 3 is not far around the corner. ;)
Yeah, It's really simple when you get used to it. I use it a lot unless I don't feel like it. You should learn how to use things like CSS in it. Some good tutorials are ether "Total Training" Or "" I've use both and I love 'em.
I'll have to take a look at those tutorials. I also want to get into Flash more. I'm starting to work on getting a wiki setup.

Thanks for all the feedback!
I managed to get mediawiki setup on my site. Check it out! I haven't had a chance to add anything into it yet, so feel free to try it out! I hope I can get a good community started.

Click the photowiki link on the left.
Red text on a dark blue background is difficult to read; you might want to make the background much lighter, and choose darker colors for the font.

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