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Jan 28, 2012
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I want to work this summer as a photographer. Is there a such thing such as photography as a summer job? If there is, what kind of jobs are there?
You might be able to get an internship with a photographer or a studio.... but probably won't pay much! You might could get on with Sears, or one of the mall type studios... but that isn't really photography, as all you will be doing actuating a shutter on a preset setup, and then be required to hard sell prints.

Do you have any experience? Equipment?

May I ask why you want to do this, and how old you are?
I am a jr in high school and I want to be a photographer in the future...and I want to work this summer as a photographer, if possible, on top of any other job.
My equipment by the way is basic... Nikon D3000 18-55mm and 55-200mm. If possible I want to work outdoors like a camp or so
Shooting as a photographer requires experience, and the ability to produce good photos. If you already have those skills, then I would start applying to camps in your area as a counsellor, and let them know you would like to act as the photographer for the camp. But something like that may be difficult to find at your age and experience level. Also talk to your school counsellor, he/she may be able to help also. good luck!
Where do you live? If you have a theme park or a Medieval Times or something like that, they often use young photographers. I would avoid the Sears/Pennys/Walmart items. I don't believe you would learn much in those environments.
Check out the school photography companies in your area. They are the ones that get most of the camp and sports contracts in the summer and are always looking for help.

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