Photography Newbie Needs Opinions Please.


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May 18, 2005
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Hinckley, Leicestershire
Hi all. Having just bought a digital camera i have been shooting everything and everyone non stop. I havn't begun to experiment with all the features of the camera yet, or dared to take the settings off auto. I took this in my garden this afternoon and edited it in photoshop. Any good?

i like the point of view and good, accurate selective colouring. i think to move on you should try a macro setting on your camera if it has it, or use the widest apature available to try and achieve a shallow depth of field
I think you shouldn't completely desaturate the background. Leave a little bit of colour but not too much, and leave the dandelion as you have it.
Ok. I've re-done the image after taking some of this advice onboard. I de-centered the dandelion, which I do prefer, and I have left some of the colour in the background, although I think that takes away some of the sharpness and vibrance of the dandelion. Which one do you think is better?


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