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Oct 8, 2007
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hello, i'll start working for a newspaper tomorrow , and i'll like to know if someone with experience has some advices for me?
Just general and simple.


PS: i migth use a 5d a 17-40 2.8 and a 70-200 4.0
Don't be afraid to shoot everything. And understand that printing on newspaper has different requirements then printing on photo paper. Certain things that you can get away with in other types of photography do not translate well onto newspaper.
I actually work for a newspaper as both a reporter and a photographer - make sure and listen to what the reporter and/or editor is asking for. If you come back with shots they have no desire in you'll be in for it! ;) Even if you have to call them and speak with them prior to you assignment try and get a good idea of what you'll be photographing and what angle their story is. That way you'll be better prepared.

Hope this helps. PM me if you have any other questions.
Photojournalism is part planning, part knowing what is going to happen at some events, and part location. There is no time to be messing around with equipment on location during an event. Know the type of shots you want before you get there and have the equipment all set up for the potential environment. I find two cameras ideal: one for the wide angle range and one for the telephoto range, two flash units, lots of batteries or battery packs. Tripods and monopods limit your ability to move fast in some situations, so I don't use them very often. Composing the shots has to be fast and this is where choosing locations is important. Backgrounds may or may not add to the shot so the location that you pick to shoot from is very important for this too. When shooting with other photojournalists, I often find that wideangle is great because I can move in close without anyone moving in front of me and I can get great depth of field. Telephoto is of course great for a tight camera crop that eliminates busy backgrounds.

Scenes need to be visually assessed very quickly including any potential risks. I let my guard down once when I was taking a photo of a school and was almost attacked by a caretaker who was angry because I did not have his permission to shoot his school. I was almost thrown out of a plane too, when shooting from the air.

I am sure that you will have lots of adventures and will certainly need to learn fast how to deal with an extremely wide range of situations and always get the shot.

Things go fast, you need to learn how to predict what is going to happen at an event. If the event involves the police, keep an eye on that angry muscle head, chances are he's gonna strike someone eventually. Things like this are important to watch. I find that honestly, using stereotypes to predict things works out very well. I hate to say that, but it's true...there's a reason why the stereotype came to be, enough people did what the stereotype said they would do. Skinny, cracked-out, trailer park white chick/ know some funny stuff is gonna go down.
thank you guys !!!

I went today , and the boss asked me to do at least 1 o 2 days to see my work and than make a decision, so i'll have to be there tomorrow at 09:00, and see what happens ehehe

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