PhotoMatix vs Machinery 2.0 Round 2


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Oct 7, 2011
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Here is another Showdown between Photomatix and Machinery 2.0
This time I am using a Bently. Both of them had Photoshop touchups. Let me know which one is better.

Photmatix Version


Machinery 2.0 version


Photomatix, Photoshop Cs5 and Machinery 2.0 Combined

i still like the photomatix version better. the only part of the machinery one that i like is the wheels and tires
I have been playing around with Machinery as well as a lot of other programs. Each will give a different results. FOr me there really isn't a right one,a wrong one or a perfect program, it comes down to which is going to provide the frame work for the heavy lifting , leaving the same changes to be done in PS>
I have not played with machinery as it is windows based but from my past dealings with HDR software its going to be up the end user what they prefer and what workflow they like better. As far as the images you provided I agree with nos33. Since they both have been processed in PS its hard to tell if the wheels are blurred from PS or photomatix.

I think for a better comparison you should post pictures untouched after both machinery and photomatix has cooked the images. No PS processing just straight from HDR software. Try to make both images look as close as possible and then post them again. This way we can see what looks better. Once you get them into PS things will take a turn depending on what filters and processing you do that will make or break a photo.

Just want to through this out there next time you do a car photo shoot try to get 3/4 angle shots makes for a more pleasing photo

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