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Jun 2, 2006
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These are some photographs that I took of my brother. He's a skater and I thought that these photos of him were fairly good so maybe I could have some input on them?

Hallo hexkun, and welcome to ThePhotoForum.
You are coming here with an interesting set of photos, all of them having some cool perspectives, the first and last also working with selective colouring, if I see things right.
My favourite of these three is the second, though, I really dig your composition here, all I miss are the toes of his feet, too bad they got outside your frame, but other than that... wow.
Come "downstairs" to the Welcome and Introduction Forum and tell us a little more about yourself, will you?
not bad shots, i agree with lafoto, the second one being my favourite but even better if you didnt cut off his toes!
I agree with LaFoto on #2 being the coolest here, it has that "wow" factor. Selective coloring works well on #3, IMO.
Thanks for the critique. More please =) And I posted an introduction thread im pretty sure.

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