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I want MORE!!
May 19, 2005
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Manitoba, Canada
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Nice work Jon all are great, but oh do I like #4 the composition here is perfect I love it! #2 is also very cool, It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz when the house was taken up into the storm. :thumbup:
Wow.. ya got some awesome images. The second is my fave. Excellent as always Jon.
Great stuff jon, i love number 4!!....... its spot on... texture, composition the lot.... i'd hang that one.... i do like the first two alot aswell.... brilliant! :thumbup:
There seems to be a tilt theme to the whole set, I like it. Great work as always.
Always enjoy seeing your shots, JonK. #2 and 4 are my faves. And the last one makes me laugh ... so unexpected that the cross on top would be askew.
I like the last one the best. A very unique design. Greek, Russian?
My guess would be Ukrainian...there is a large Ukrainian rural population around my area...I guess it might be similar around where Jon is.
big mike...yeh i just cant hold 'er steady :lol:

thanks anti and fred...this is an old, i guess orthodox, ukrainian church. like mike says there's loads of them around here.
I think what happens is the base of the crosses prob gets rusted and starts tilting. Most of them are like that. Might be caused by high winds as we also get a lot of that in the spring and winter

thanks for looking:D
Awesome photos Jon ! Love the shallow dof in #1. #2... love it ! I agree with Archangel, #4 has that eye workin ! Awesome shot.
#2 is awesome... really like #4 and #5 too. 1 and 3 are pretty good as well... ;) well i guess that about covers it... great series! :thumbup:
Oh, I like the "framed photo of a budding photographer" here!!
The colour of her sweat shirt goes so nicely with the whithered grey of the wood!

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