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Dec 20, 2005
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Alabama - just moved here from Texas
I got my new Nikkor 70-300mm lens today. I am kind of on the fence about this lens right now. It takes pretty decent photos when I am pretty close to them, but if I want to take a photo from a distance at 300mm, they are not that great. I guess I will practice with it a bit more, if still not up to my expectations..well then it won't be a keeper

These are a few photos I took at a pretty close range that came out alright.



Fate said:
i use that lens :) Its pretty good i think, but at 300mm your going to want to use a tripod really... well thats what i find

I used the tripod on these and used it at long range be honest, my tripod is a piece of junk, so that could be a bit of the problem as well.
Is it the G or ED lens. The G is not very sharp from what I have seen and hear. I have used the ED lens for years and it is great.

I had this problem last night at a school preformance.. We werent close So I was shooting from far.. Pictures didnt come out as good as I would have liked..
Looks like you got good results. Fate is right about the tripod. I have that lens and it rarely comes out of the bag. Just try to use fast shutter speeds (and a tripod). It's really good in bright light.

I also like the last one:)

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