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Photoshop 7 vs. elements 6


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Jan 12, 2006
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Ok, I've been using photoshop 7.0 for years and am pretty comfortable with it. I've been reading about elements 6 and there some pretty cool things that would be an upgrade in it that would be useful. Is it worth the money to buy elements 6? I definately can't afford cs, that's out of the question.
I would say so. They've added a lot of stuff from 7. If you're only using it for photography, then you probably won't miss anything CS has to offer.
I have both Photoshop CS3 and Elements 6. I really use Elements 6 for everything other than converting RGB to CMYK because you can't do that in Elements. I only need to convert to CMYK when something like flyers and other marketing items is going to press.
There are now so many plug ins, actions, ect you can get for Elements there's not a lot it can't do. I know some swear by using Photoshop but as a photographer Elements works just fine for me.
Besides if you get Elements you will have $$ left over to get a Wacom tablet. ;)
I'd stay with what you know - I brought CS2 and now only use it in a blue moon. PS7 is just great (for me)

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