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Jul 23, 2003
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I have not noticed any refrence to what surely must be one of the best open source options to the priceyness of PShop,etc.
GIMP (GNU Image Manipulator Program I beleive) is very comprable to Photoshop on almost every level with the added bonus of being opensource. I have used it for everysince converting from M$ to Linux on most of my desktops. GIMP is truely a powerful manipulator with TONS of plugins and a Windows 32bit and Linux binary. If you want to touch up your photos without shelling out big bucks checkout GIMP. Just google "GIMP for Windows" or GIMP for LINUX" Even you Photoshop devotees may want to check it out.

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Last time I checked, GiMP was still very buggy on a win32 platform. And the worst thing is that it was only the simple things that weren't right. Mostly repainting errors and the like, but its still kept me using photoshop 7.
Hmm, havent experienced that. What do you mean by repainting errors? Screen refresh or a tool function. I usually use GIMP on 'Nix but when at work use it on a 32 box. Havent had any complaints besides 3rd party filters crashing.
I have trouble using the GIMP.

I don't know why, I sat down with Photoshop and could do a lot of basic stuff in about an hour of fiddling...

With the GIMP I just can't fiddle around and find out how to use it... (although I am pretty good at doing just that) It took me an hour to find where the menus where (click on the arrow in the corner). Then I coudn't figure out how to use the menus effectively.
Well I briefly tried GIMP as per the suggestion found here. Interesting. Only used it for about 2 hours so this is coming from a fairly skewed perspective perhaps but any program that has that much ability and is free has got two thumbs up from me. It takes a little getting used do as does any program really and may not look as slick as some of the others out there but if you need something now and have no mulla, I'd recommend it. I tested it out on a 1ghz toshiba laptop running winxp. No problems were ever found after opening, saving, editing, etc.

If you're having issues with yours I'd say uninstall, reinstall. If still no go, try the latest beta-version or an older version.
GIMP is an excellent program, however one thing needs to be remembered. It is open source and like most OS things it has a bit steeper of a learning curve.

If you are truly interested in learning to use TheGIMP, or (like me) haven't got $200-$300 to sink it to an editing program, some documentation I recommend=

Grokking the GIMP
(available to DL in HTML format, tar zipped, or for purchase from an online retailer, ie amazon et. al.)

And The Official GIMP Manual
also downloadable but in pdf an ps formats at:
or it can be bought as well.

Both can be ordered by your favorite local bookstore, but most won't have either one in stock on the shelves.

PS i am just barely learning TheGIMP, so don't ask me questions, I don't yet know!!!!!
Havoc said:
Photo Shop is free for hackers........ :twisted:

You mean "crackers"?

I think Havoc must be an evil virus writer!!! :D
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