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    Just thought some people here might be interested to check this out. We are doing a "project" to get better at doing any type of art in Photoshop or any other program that we may be familiar with. You just tell us what you want to learn to do in Photoshop and we can help you. I have seen many people here have lots of questions about using Photoshop and this is a good way to get some personal help/assistants rather than having to look over tutorials. So whatever you are hoping to learn how to make your photos look better or even create a website we can teach you. Weeman, the guy in charge, has designed many different sites and is one of the best at photoshop I have ever seen. Just thought that this would be a good way for some people here that are struggling with Photoshop to have some good one on one advice.

    Here is the link to the thread

    Here is the first post in the thread...
    So if you are interested please at least take a look.


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