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Discussion in 'Graphics Programs and Photo Gallery' started by six-five-two, Jul 4, 2008.

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    I have a question: Everytime I open one of my photos in the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (or in Firefox) it looks different from when I open the picture in Adobe Photoshop CS3.
    For example, I took one of my photos and opened it in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. It looked like the skies were really overexposed, but the grass (in the photo) looked fine. When I opened the exact same photo in Photoshop it looked like the sky isn't overexposed as bad, but instead the grass is underexposed.

    Can someone tell me why this is and what I can do to fix it? Thanks.

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    I don't know how to fix it. People have discussed different reasons why pic viewer does this but I can never get a clear answer. The general consensus is picture viewer has color management issues. I heard Firefox 3 has resolved this issue. Photoshop shows the true image.
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    Sounds like a colorspace problem, or color scheme (RGB vs CMYK) issue.

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