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May 8, 2007
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Can anyone give me some good websites where I can learn a lot about using photoshop. I can use it minimally but I need more knowledge. Anything will help! :)

I have been using photoshop for about 8 years and let me tell you, there doesn't seem to be any one stop shop to learn about photoshop, as you probly know the program can do just about anything. I would narrow down to a single thing you would like to know how to do and google it, this seems to be the best way to learn. Or just search "photoshop tutorials" and peek through the millions of sites that provide different tutorials. I would highly suggest a nice photoshop book, it makes referencing how to do something abit easier. Now, if you would like to just edit photos, colors, levels, contrast, crop.. stuff like that, I highly recommend Adobe Lightroom, it makes short work of processing pictures. I hope any of this helps :)

Lots more once you
it :)

I have googled it...SO many times and read so many articles on it. I think I'll try getting a book. I like taking an entire day or and sitting down at my computer with a French Vanilla Cappuccino from Oasis and learning while using it :) Guess that's what I'll go with! Thanks for all the help!!!
I have been using PS since the original icon. Anyone remember what the original icon for PS was?
Anyway, it helps to have a good idea of what you wish to accomplish with PS, and then search for your answer. If you just go out searching for Photoshop tutorial, you will get a lot of useless special effects stuff that will make little sense to you. I was lucky to have grown in my career using PS for specific tasks, which in turn helped me to learn the application inside, and out. I'd be more than happy to offer some help/guidance you may need. You just need to have a specific question. :)

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