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Feb 15, 2006
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Two days ago I was using photoshop on my Computer and everything was workng fine. However yesterday when I went to open PHotoshop 7 the photoshop initialization screen came up as always and all the settings and preferences loaded however as soon as it got done loading everything it just closed dow automatically!!! I tried to unistal it and reinstall it and it just kept doing the same thing. I was able to use Adobe "image Ready" but could not open Photoshop. does anyone know what is going on here?
sounds to me like an activation issue...... when using adobe ps or cs, photoshop is the only program that needs activation.... image ready would work anyway. I won't ask if your copy of PS7 is legit, but if it is check the adobe support for activation issues.... if it isn't... it may not work without an activation code.
It has never asked me for an activation code, where would I even put that in? I do have the serial number, where would I find the activation code? I had read something about deleting the preference file through pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift at the strat up screen, do you know anything about this? Also I installed in on my system about 20 days ago, is there any trial period that may have experired, I dont understand why it worked fine a couple days ago but just stopped working yesterday.
when ps is open you go to the help menu, then down to registration, thats were you'd enter the code. Yes there is a 20-30 day period to complete the it may have timed out.... not sure about the clear preferences thing you mentioned.... i would search on the adobe site for reg issues... you may find a solution there. There is a possibility however that its something else thats causing the shut down.... but from my experience its only ever happened through a registration error.
The problam is I cant even open Photoshop right around the time it loads the brushes the screen just disappears and its like I never tried to open it at all. Where would i find this activation code? Is it on the box?
yea i think the regestration code is on the box....then once thats entered you get the activation code.... which you then use to activate online or you can call adobe for activation if your not online on that comp. I would call adobe anyway with your issue.... if its a legit version...they should be able to help you out.

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