PhotoShop Overload!!!!


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Jun 27, 2003
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had to test this remote control i just got for my cam .... came out with a few pics ... but they seemed a little "dry" (with me and my old age :? ).... so i added some layers and intense surreal colors :p ... sometimes i just like to go crazy in PhotoShop

oh, btw .. intentionally cropped :lol:

first i cropped it, then i went to selective color and intensified the black and magenta ... then i duplicated the layer and overlayed it with 90% opacity ... so the colors are more intense (surreal, almost cartoon-like) ... then i sharpend it about 60% with a 2.5 radius .... then i cropped it some more :lol: ....

original photo- i used a softbox with 2 slave light flashes with umbrella on each end ... iso 100, white balance 6500, shutter speed 6, high aperture.....

and i probably broke every rule in the book with my "photoshop" and cropping ... but then again .. im a rebel by nature 8)

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