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    Does anyone have any experience with

    They say they've been doing this for 25 years, always use kodak paper, and I notice that if one is willing to buy a package that promises to purchase 1000 prints in 4x6 over time, you can get them for 9c each.

    Sort of like a prepaid phone card, also additional discounts for many rolls of film

    Seems like heaven.

    Is this the only discount film developer around? Because 5-9 bucks per roll Canadian seems crappy in my neck of the woods.


    Ok I missed a few things, if you send in film, you are still paying 11 bucks a roll to develop, and then they put a high res scan online, THEN you get your enlargement or reprints from the scans, not from the negatives. That is what costs only 9c per print.

    I guess this service might be good for a person who uses a DSLR.
    I do notice though, that it takes awhile to figure out the site, they seem to think you already know who they are, and what they do.


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