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Jan 14, 2008
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UPDATE: I might offer to use a more pricey frame for more $$, whats a good amount for custom framing like that?

Hi, Phil hear with another stuipid question!

What are some good pricing figures for framed 8.5" x 11" photographs? At first I was thinking that I should sell my photos $30.00 each and $40.00 for commissioned photos. Then, I was told I should at least double my prices, that means that I should at least charge $60.00 per non-commissioned, and $80.00 per commissioned photo. Is it just me, or are these really steep prices? I have no experience in framing and would buy relitivly cheap frames, would I get more business if I just sold unframed?


Phil the Photographer
I think that's way high. Honestly, people dont want to buy an OK picture with an OK frame for 60 bucks...

For me, I double what it cost me to make the product... so for an 8x10 with a basic metal frame, is about 25 bucks. I tried to get 50-60 bucks for them at one point, and didn't sell any at all....

( on and your sig is wrong, It's " I reject your reality and substitute my own." ) :D
There is no right or wrong price...except maybe to say that you want to sell it for the highest price that someone will actually pay.

Remember...this is art, and art is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. The Mona Lisa isn't really all that special in appearance...but it's practically priceless.

Professional framing can cost a lot (call a framing shop)...you may want to double that cost (or more).
It's tough to say. Some regions in the US are able to charge different amounts. Around here, Mid-West, you can expect anywhere from $10-$20 for a 4x6 picture alone. I'm not sure what it would be with frame...I would try and find photogs in your area and see what they are charging. This will give you a rough idea of what you could charge.
Dip-I do mostly abstract and landscape, I haven't really started my business yet.

Nic-Thanks for the tip!
have you thought about asking a local coffee shop to display them and see if they get any interest.
If you think of your prints as commodities, then charge cost plus some profit margin and sell just the prints. Send them to some online printer and then sell them for a dime.

If, on the other hand, you think of your prints as hand-crafted works of art, then print them or have them printed well, class them up with proper mounting/matting, and charge cost plus whatever time and/or emotional investment you have in the image. Don't under-sell yourself if your work is good. It looks shabby, cheap, and disinterested. You can minimize overhead costs by doing "custom mounting and matting," which translates to "Pay me in full and I'll spend some of your money on finishing."
Thanks a lot bloom! Great idea!

PS-to whoever suggested the coffee shop idea, thats another great idea!

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