Picked up a Fuji 6x6/6x7 black RF


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Nov 17, 2019
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Just received my Fuji RF medium format folder. Excellent condition. I remember when Fuji first marketed this camera either under Fuji label or Voightlander in Europe. The thing that sold me was the ability to shoot both 6x6 or 6x7 format. Also it is eminently designed for ease in carrying, due to the folding bellows design.

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I'm guessing you're the proud owner of a GF670? If so, lucky you! Hard to find these days.

For what's essentially a chemical company now, Fujifilm has always given free rein to its camera developers, the GF670 being the last of many innovative 120 film cameras. The same spirit carried over to its mirrorless products like the X100 rangefinder series, the MILC X-T line and the digital medium format cameras. Their Fujinon optics are top-shelf, too.
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