Picked up a used D7000 today.


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Jun 7, 2012
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since parting with some of our older backup equipment, I have been looking for a new beater camera to take out to the dog park and whatever other places I wander off too. Found a low miles D7000 on Craigslist today for a really good price and ended up buying it. I am interested in seeing how it stacks up to the D7100 I just got. Either way, it should be a pretty good upgrade from the D200 I was hacking around with before for my dog shots.
New D7000 bodies are edging to C$750 in Toronto and will probably get close to 700 by summer's end. Can't see them going back to 800+. Nice all-rounder and huge value for the $ now.
Enjoy your new camera and please do share with us what is your experience comparing the 2 cameras.
Definitely interested in hearing your opinions on how the two compare... I have a 7100 on layaway right now and the plan is to get wither a 7000 or another 7100 for a second body a few months down the road.

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