pics of a fire i ran into yesterday (not 56K friendly)


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Jul 28, 2004
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doesn't it look like a human figure slumped over in the window opening?





this building was on the ground in less than 25 minutes.

thanks for looking :)
Awesome shots!
wow.... these are fantastic!.....(not saying fires are fantastic)... but you captured them so well. 3,4,6 and 9 are just awsome.... you gotta send these to the local paper jon, if there wasn't any other photogs there it'd pay off surely. Yea, that does look like a body in the window.... one for the D/S gallery maybe!..... just cant get over numbers 6 and 9 tho, brilliant :thumbup: + rep
I hope no one was hurt!

the smoke plumes in the first two are awesome.

Great series ... and it does look like a body ... I'm with Angel ... call the paper and make a sale.

the last shot is a whole story in itself.
We couldn't go home from church on our normal road on Sunday morning because of a fire, but guess what? I hadn't brought the camera to church :roll:
Anyhow, I would be way too shy to go so near to a fire and the working fire men, we kept our distance, even though we did get to see the burning shed from across the fields from the detour we had to take (and COULD have taken an access road more towards the fire, like many HAD taken to look, but I just do not dare to do so).

Anyhow, even if I had brought the camera to church :)shock: ), my photos would NEVER have become as good as yours here are. The second is soooo impressive, as is the fifth, seventh and last! Wow! What a series!!!!
Cooooool. Serious fire. Love the shots. Great ones of the firemen.

There's a certain look to all your shots JM and I'd love to know how you do it. It's like you compress the 'levels' range and boost the saturation. Or something. Do tell. Puurleeeeeeeese :scratch:
Very good work. Great report style photography. Nice variation between shots. They all feel different.
NIcely done Jon. The third and the last do it for me. Awesome !!!
Love the last one, I bet it looks real nice in B&W. What camera are you using?

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