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Jul 5, 2003
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Kalispell, MT.
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how about a spot where you can put your pic so you can see who is giving you all that great advice????
just a thought? :?: :roll: :?:
There was a little bit of discussion as to whether we should create a forum section for this, of it it was better to just create a message thread for it.

Overall, I think I prefer the idea of just having the message thread. I'm not sure that creating a new forum section is the best idea.

I'm open to suggestions though!
I think you are right chase. It will die eventually and then pop up again once in a while. I had better hurry and get mine up so that when page two comes up, my pic will disappear and people can have time to recover.
I thought about posting my pic...but I think that is counterproductive to helping the site expand (I actually want people to join, not be scared away)! :?
av·a·tar: An image representing a user in a multi-user virtual reality (or R-like, in the case of Palace) space.

So Avatar != self portrait :p
I checked out the definition of "Avatar" and one definition is: "The embodiment of a concept or philosophy, often in human form".
The avatars that voodoocat, metroshane, chaseman and myself for that matter all seem to fit that definition.
So, I agree with chase and refuse to publish my real picture on the grounds that I may scare off members!
oh come on you chickens!
we all know that photographers hate having their own pic taken
so we're all in the anxiety together.
i go to sites where most of these threads are usually filled with teeny bopper girls so it would be a nice change to see some adult pics for once!
So where are these sites with pictures of teeny-bopper girls?
I have a geocities account so I can't link the pic here....but you can go to my site and see the bio.

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