Pics of the V-22 Osprey


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Feb 27, 2006
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For all you US Air Force folks out there…

Here are a few pictures of the new V-22 Osprey in a good flying pattern.
I took these outside of my house, looking south. I apologize for the lack of high quality, but keep in mind that I was shooting with a 300mm zoom, hand held, a moving object, no tripod or mono pod with the majority of the shots taken with the bird over a mile away. (Distance of the mesa in the background.) Most were obviously cropped quite tight in PS.
I enhanced them as best as I could.







These last three can give you an idea as to the size of the rotors, the mesa is a mile away, and look at the last pic carefully. You cant see the Osprey because it is behind the mesa and line of sight, but the dust this thing creates as it hovers is tremendous. Look at the center of the photo, it looks like finger prints. Again, this is over a mile from where I took the photos. It is also VERY loud.



PICT0286.jpg Clay Photography/PICT0298.jpg
I think those are the neatest airplanes to service the military. Is it true they are somewhat unstable and at one point were being considered to be removed from service?
This is BY FAR the COOLEST plane I have ever seen! :drool: :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: They look so neat! I love the pics you cropped up tight, looks awesome there! Good job getting the pictures in quick, great snaps!
My commander in Germany was one of the engineers for the Osprey so I bet he's working on that star. Those are some really good shots being that far away without a tripod. Much better than I would've done for sure. :D
What a cool plane! Despite the lack of quality, it like the simpleness of shot #2.

Are these fast?

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