Pictage vs Picnanny vs Smugmug


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Dec 18, 2008
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I am interested in using an online service to make things easier on me for client's families. Which service have you used and would you recommend?
Yup, another vote for SmugMug. It's a great service.

If you go with SmugMug, use this offer code KAMvZpioBsAvk and it will save you $5 off of your subscription.
Yes, SmugMug is one of the most costly, but I've never heard anything bad against it... nor do I have anything against it. In fact, it's the best in my opinion.
Another vote for SmugMug. When I was getting started, I asked a couple of my photog friends about online services. The first three responses were SmugMug.
On the other hand, there's something similar and free at RedBubble (redbubble.com). I recommend it as well.

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