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Mar 25, 2006
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Sydney, Australia
1st can i express how annoying i think this program is! but i have a few questions

i find the importing is ok, its pretty easy with only a few clicks. especially if u set up folders how u like them etc... but the actually pictureproject program is so crap i think. the most annoying thing is that it automatically saves over a file if you edit one (i learnt this the hard way). so heres my questions

1- does it have any real use (assuming i have PS also)?

2- with regards to importing raw files, does anyone use the "embed preview" option, and is this dangerous? im scared of ruining my originals.

3- is there anyway to get rid of the main program and just keep the importer. or am i best off to get rid of it all together and manually import my pics?

Thanks for you help in advance

(ps i only got my camera, a D50, a few weeks ago and im only new to the digital world, so be nice)
I don't use a Nikon camera, nor picture project, so I can't truly share in your frustration, but let me just say that most software that comes with the camera is sub par. Nikon spends it money and research on making a better camera, not software.

There are lots of great raw programs out there. A great free one is raw shooter essentials. Google it. If you have photoshop CS or CS2 you can use it to edit your raw photos. I personally use C1 LE, which is not free, ($99) but is excellent.
hey, i have PS7, is this ok to edit my RAW files in... it seems to open them fine and all the functions work. although i havent tried saving on yet (ill do that now).

also, i cannot notice any difference between using the "embed preview" option and not using it. does anyone know what this even does?

ok, im having trouble saving and re-opening. and im not really sure whats going on. ill have to do some reading so i can understand file types better. does anyone know of anything i should read in particular?
If you can open your raw files in PS7, then go for it, but I'd at least check out the other options I mentioned, especially Raw Shooter Essentials, since it's free.

The "embed preview" option probably just adds a preview jpeg to the raw file so you can quickly preview, without rendering the raw file, which uses more resources.
is this how most people work? store the original as RAW, then, edit the raw, then, save as Jpeg or Tiff? or is it common to edit then save as raw again??? (obviously remembering not to save over the original).

also if Tiff uncompressed? or is it compressed like a Jpeg?

ok 1 more while im at it, i saw a progam that said it can rotate a File without interpolation (is that the right word?). so my question here is, is that even possible, i cant see how it would be possible unless you are rotating exactly 90, 180 etc degrees.
You can't save a raw file. Any changes you make to it are saved automatically, and can be changed over and over again, losslessly. Any major edits you do, like retouching, will have to be done in photoshop, and saved as a tiff or jpg. I always save mine as tiffs. A tiff uses lossless compression. The file sizes will be much bigger, but you can also save layers in a tiff, and the compression makes them smaller than a psd.

Rotating a file never interpolates it. Interpolation adds pixels to enlarge the image.
oh ok, i thought that interpolation was when the computer decides what colour to give a new pixel. eg when resizing or rotating or distorting or anything.
na matts right..... i use interpolation when i need to enlarge an image for an outdoor advert or something..... it basically adds pixels to the image.

Also i have the nikon software and recommend you dont bother with it.... use the ps or raw shooter essentials instead.
Nikon Capture is decent. I think its odd that Nion would bundle a software with its camera that can read the NEF (RAW) files, Can you read these with PS. I have PS CS and have not tried to open an NEF file with it but if I could it would save me an annoying step.
I use picture project for import and viewing previews only. It sucks A@& for anything else. Import, view, select photo to edit, drag to CS2 for RAW conversion, save as TIFF, edit, save again as TIFF for printing and/or jpeg (for web viewing).
D-50, yes i can open and edit RAW files in PS. give it a go :thumbup:

crawdaddio, saving a RAW as a TIFF is 100% lossless correct? i just have trouble comprehending the phrase "lossless compression". but if you guys assure me its true ill believe you haha...

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