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May 6, 2003
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Southwest Washington
Hey everybody,
My site is up and running. It is VERY unadorned so bear with me as I am still working on the details! Feel free to check out my photos anytime. And PLEASE criticize freely. I am new at this and want to develop my skills, so ANY advice is welcome. Thank's a bunch,
Really enjoyed the photos!

Morning Splendor had to be my favorite, incredible colors! Only a shame the scan isn't a little bit better.

Keep up the great work and I hope to see more of your photos!

Chase :D
Ya, I wish they would come a little cleaner. :( Part of my problem is that they are matte photos and I think that makes them harder to scan. I have adobe photo deluxe and can dedust them, but it makes them slightly blurrier. Do you think I should leave them or dedust them? Thanks for the input, but criticism is what I really need. :D


P.S. Hey, do yall instant message very often. I love to chat, let me know if you'd be interested! Thanks!
Well, you have the negatives, right? Reprint on glossy paper and scan those perhaps?

Or find someone with a slide duplicator and a digital camera and convert the negatives to positives. Then you'll have digital files to work with.

Couple of ways to skin this cat. Probably a few I didn't think of. :wink:
Hey, I recognize some of those places ....

Is that first one you hit Heaven's Peak? ... looks like it .. but one rock looks like another after awhile.

Still looking ....

Nice sunset on itchy lake!
Some nice photos!

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