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Pictures look too dark on PCs


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Apr 30, 2003
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Let me ask you folks a question. I've been doing all of my work on a new IMac with the LCD screen. On that computer, the pics look amazing. Nice fluid color and shadows, great contrast, etc.

However when I look at the pics from my work PC, they look about 70% as good as they do at home.

For example, in this contribution I posted in the other forum...


...the real pics are much better. Take the second pic on the above link for another example. On the Mac, the model's face is entirely visable. Yes it has a heavy shadow, but you can still see the majority of detail and even make out the pupils of her eyes. As I look at this pic on my PC, nothing on the left side of her nose if visable.

How are you seeing this pic? Is there a color adjustment I need to do to my PC?

Adjust the color on your PC to look more like the original image or at least bring it to the standard of your Mac if possible.
Thanks for the link.

Drats, I've got my contrast and brightness wide open (monitor set to true color) and I still can't differentiate the last seven bars of...


Must be a cheap monitor.
Do you have adobe gamma installed? It's installed w/Photoshop and perhaps other Adobe products. That will improve your monitors contrast a significant amount.

This is one of the reasons Macintosh rules the digital media world.
No adobe on my work machine. I was just wondering how the pics were showing up to others.
I'd assume that it's most likely a cheap monitor. Most companies aren't overly concerned with purchasing the best quality equipment as they are with saving money.
I think the pictures look great. Nice work.
BTW. I have a NEC MultiSync 77F...a really nice monitor. Any idea what kind of monitor/display card you have in your work comp?
My experience--and I'm the usual Mac partisan--is that this is a common problem.

Because you have no control over what kind of equipment others will be viewing your images on, it's most important to calibrate the Mac.

Really, who cares about the PC?


The only reason I didnt buy a mac was because I didnt have 5,000,000 dollars for a computer that i could get for 300 bucks.


Macintosh iBook: $1495
OS X: $129
The joy of owning a computer that has never crashed in a year of ownership: Free

Not being tied to Microsoft: Priceless! :D :D :D :D

Where do you want to tell Bill to go after your system crashes today? :p
Yes, exactly! People use Macs, we don't have to fight with them. Unlike PC users. :wink:

**everybody keep in mind this is all in good fun, right?**

former PC slave, now liberated Mac user :lol:

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