Pileated Woody


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Jan 17, 2005
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Well for those that know me, I have been chasing this largest North American Woodpecker ( depends wether the Ivory Billed is really alive in Arkansas), This bird which is about 19'' is more often heard than seen, right Airic! I was at my cottage over the weekend and this is the best I have had so far over the years. My goal this year is to get a keeper without branches. Other than that they are a beautiful bird, especially in flight. Not one of my better shots, but it is a start.

Holy schmokes...what a great capture. WOW...nicely done Pete.:thumbup: :thumbup:
i saw a woodpecker in my back garden a couple of months ago that looked a bit like that. It had a red tuft of feathers coming out the top of its head. Is that a common feature of the woodpecker?
is this bird really 19" long? that a huge woodpecker! nice capture, a teaser i'm sure to keep you in pursuit of that "keeper" shot... :thumbup:
YOU may get the results you are looking for if you can find its nest cavity and set up a blind of sorts.

you will know when you find it. the hole in the tree (most of the times its a dead one) is rectangle in shape and is fairly large.

the loud hammering on treetrunks is unmistakable and they sometimes call continuously if disturbed in their territory. you may find them by just sitting and listening and then following your ears! lol!

i see a lot of them in the southern part of Illinois. they seem to avoid civilization as much as possible.

good luck in your pursuit!
I came across one of these last year and I wish I had my camera at the time. Not a bad pic and I'm sure you will get more opportunities.
I shot one on the first day of my holiday and that was the last I saw of them. I heard them everyday but they remained invisible for the rest of my vacation.

It's a rare bird..and my goodness pretty awesome I like the angel of the picture..well done pete..

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