Pilot Boat


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Oct 14, 2007
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South Amboy NJ....for now
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Took this today. Please have a look at my Flickr site and let me know what you think about my other shots too. Thanks!

I think there's a lot to be learned from looking at this picture.
Why does one's eye jump to the boat on the left, rather than the 'Pilot Boat'?

Well, the boat on the left is bright, the light is lovely, there's a nice reflection and there's sort of a feeling of movement.
Well what about the named subject of the picture, the Pilot Boat. Well, it's just sitting there, bow-on, in the shade, not moving ---- nothing.

What does the Pilot Boat part of the picture add to the composition? Nothing much except to take up space.

Successful pictures are composed not just captured. The lines, the color, the textures - all go together to make an impact. There is a first rule of composition that if something doesn't contribute to the impact of the image, leave it out.

Thanks, I was so concerned with a nice background for the pilot boat I completely disregarded the background itself. I did have one peek at it with the zoom lens but didn't like all the misc. garbage laying around. Thanks again.

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