Pinocchio Family Portrait

It looks pretty good except for the guy on the left, who seems to be giving his crotch the old Michael Jackson-style unit adjustment move...
There is a disruption in the pattern with the couple on the left and a disconnect with the guy on the floor. Had he (guy on the floor) stood in the gap, the harmony of the family would be easier to see IMO.

I think if you were to print this for framing, you might be slightly disappointed for having the outer subjects so close to the edge.

Nice looking family. Thanks for sharing.
Apart from the crotch grab I like the shot, it's a simple setup, nice background, great expressions. Did you do any others moving the people around? I'd be interested in what else you set up. There are a lot of people on the forum that are always asking questions about small family group shots, this could be a good opportunity to to show them a few options. I can understand this is probably the best though. Thanks.
Thanks for all the replies, we were joking about the crotch grab and then it ended up in one of the better shots... i hadn't noticed it yet actually. Short on time and light I didn't switch many things up.
7 n a half people.. and shot at 2.8???
I love this photo. What was your aperture set at to make it so clear?
amylyn08 ^^ Yeah I would have never done 2.8 but the sun was basically gone, that was also at something like 1/40 ha ha. I had to run a little extra sharpening on the dude in front. And yes, thanks for noting the crotch grab... pretty nice.

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