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    Has anyone ever used www.pixxster.com in the past ? Just read about them in another forum , and so I checked out the web site . I signed up as a new customer and have checked out their products and prices . The prices are good , the product selection is a little lite . They offer photo books , cards , calendars , coffee table books and the like .You don't have any software to install , everything is built online and then you can save it or share it with others , so that's kind of nice . I suspect they are a fairly recent start up , but maybe they are worth a shot .
    So if anyone has experience with them let me know . I might just try them any how , rather not do business with the big guys if I can help it .
    if you want to check them out for yourself here's where they are at http://www.pixxster.com/products.html

    Thanks for any help


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