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Dec 30, 2004
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Comments welcome - More stuff on my devart site in link below.
These are great shots, Id like to see the flower in color thought
i like the second best, just fix up that dark spot at the bottom and it will be better, good tones :thumbup:
Dark spot? I see no dark spot. Is my monitor not right?

I have alot of trouble wih it. People can see stuff that is in dark areras that just looks like blakc and yet if I increase the gamma then the highlights get blown.
its barely visable on the monitor im using now but its just near the right corner of the second pic.... its just like a light halo in a circular shape, maybe import it back to ps (if your using ps?) and zoom in to that corner... its no big deal tho.
The thing is though I have made comparisons between images in a book and made the picture on the monitor looks the same, I've used adobe gamma. Pictures look right to me but sometimes people mention stuff like this. Its just I don't like the fact people aren't seeing my pictures like I want them to.
i couldn't see this dark patch myself. I have a TFT monitor and i had to tilt it slightly before i could see it. It's annoying when you can't trust what's appearing on your monitor to be correct. Are you using a flat screeen TFT or LCD monitor yourself Daniel?
I'm using a CRT monitor. Images look like they should to me but maybe that's because I'm used to it.

I might scan an image in and alter my monitor settings to try and recreate the colours maybe that will work.
strange that you'd get that with a CRT monitor.... mabe open the image above and adjust adobe gamma till you can just see the area we can see?... other than that there is the normal brightness/contrast monitor settings, you could try adjusting them manually.
The problem I tend to have with my monitor when I try and calibrate it using gradated square from grey to black and grey to white I can get one where I can see all the squares eg grey> dark grey> darker grey> black - however then the whitest grey is the same as the white (being white)

It's like it can stretch to fit both in if that makes sense. like it shifts and doesn't have a large enough range.
hummm.... another thing you could check is if its set to the maximum colour-bit in the 'display' control pannel, think it should be 32bit, i also have my screen rez at 1024x768, that might help... other than that, my monitor knowledge isn't great, maybe rob or dmatt may know more.... or just google monitor callibration and see what comes up.

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