Plasma for a monitor?


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May 18, 2011
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Yokosuka Kanagawa Japan
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hey all Im curious as the pros and cons of using my 50 panasonic hd tv for my monitor while Im doing editing. Yeah I know who has a plasma still get with the program and get a LED. 1 word answer to that "WIFE" Im lucky she hasnt tried to sell my camera yet....
The computer I would be pluging in and editing through is my Macbook PRO 13 inch....hence why I want to use my tv and I would be using LR3.6 for editing...
Plasma's typcially have better 'blacks' than LCD, but unsure of LED sets. I play back my pictures for the family to view on our 50" plasma and they look exceptional.
thanks CM for the input. I gave it a shot tonight and i kinda like the feel of only needing a mouse and being able to sit back and make the changes on the big screen.
Can you calibrate it? I know my TV can be calibrated, but I don't know if that's pretty standard or what...

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