Played the old film lottery today

Discussion in 'Photographic Discussions' started by benhasajeep, Apr 27, 2010.

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    When I was a kid I had a Kodak Handle camera. It's an instant camera by Kodak. They were sued by Polaroid and had to quit making / selling the film. I asked for it for christmas when I was about 6 or 7. Well found a boxed one on ebay a couple years ago with a full pack of sealed film included. I put it on the shelf with some other older cameras I have.

    Anyway I always wanted to try the film even though its at least 25 years old. So I went on ebay and actually found some Kodak instant film. I figured what the heck and bought a couple packs of it. One auction I had to buy a camera with it. Including shipping I spent $20 for 3 packs of film and a working camera.

    Anyway today I decided to try the camera out and it had film in it. So, put some batteries in it and sure enough it spit out the first shot. It actually developed about 1/3 way I would say. That actually suprised me as the newest the film could be was from 1985! I finished out what was in the camera and nothing better than the first one. So I tried 2 more of the packs of film that came in open boxes. Still no better than that first shot. Although some weird patterns formed with what chemicals were left.

    The third pack of film is actually in a very good sealed box so was not going to open it. Will add to the shelf.

    So my old film lottery results are just the same as my money lottery results. :( It was at least fun while I was playing with them though. :p

    Lesson learned - 25 year old discontinued instant film has a 1 in a 47 million chance of being good. :D

    If anyone else has a Kodak instant. There is a Fuji film with a small modification that can work in the cameras. It is only sold in Japan, and Fuji I guess just announced it will no longer be made. It's a higher iso film so to use it in a Kodak camera need to use a ND filter.

    Learned a bit over the last couple weeks. Well worth the $20 for the entertainment it provided me. Plus I have a somewhat collectors item in the new box of Kodak instant film. :mrgreen:

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    If you had some photography fun, and learned a lot while "playing", it's all worth while. :thumbup:

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