Playing on a Rainy Saturday

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Oct 26, 2005
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ISO 100
Aperture 5.0
Exposure 3.2 seconds


ISO 100
Aperture 5.0
Exposure 6 seconds
I'm just curious...why on earth do you need an exposure time that long? It looks like there was plenty of available light.
I was thinking the same, why so much for an exposure time ??

Either way, I'm not a fan of the first pic, but the second picture does like very good.

The Mona Lisa, the colour of the walls and "bush" gives it a very warm, European feel to it.
Mona Lisa? lol I'm pretty sure It's a Mary or something.
The reason I use long exposure times is because I take these shots in my dining room, which is pretty dark and gloomy. If I introduce more light, I get too many reflections and flares from the porcelain doll (there are too many as it is) so I get better results with less light and longer exposure.

Thanks for your time!

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