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hmm all i get is a little square thingy that says

"Sorry, Remote image linking disabled" however there is a picture of a fish on it.... ;)
Unfortunately, due to bandwidth limitations...we don't host photos on our web server.

Please see the "Ongoing List" topic at the top of this forum for some suggestions of free sites that allow directly linking to photos.

I say just go to yahoo and get a photo album thingie. or another site that offers a portfolio/album service and just hand out the urls to that album.

goodluck man.

i see a page of that when i click through. looks like the image file is being served as ascii, not binary.
that was quite a build up. :lol:

I think you can do better, the first one was ok, but the framing cut off the fishes tail. The second was blurry.
I agree, composition was a bit off on the first, second one looks shaky. Did you use a tripod? I would. Otherwise, the colors are cool, I like the dark background.
Hi all...

Gracias for the kind comments and feedback. Still new to the world of photograhy. I'm taking the pixs w/o tripod as I have oni a mini tripod which isn't tall enough to take pixs of my aquarium. Am saving up for a gd tripod though. Can someone pls enlighten me on composition?
I personally like the first one..his scales look nice :) Doing these shots are difficult :) Good job.

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