please critiqu ALOT


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Dec 18, 2007
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1- it's crooked. Crooked photos really bother me..and probably most others...

2- it's overexposed a bit for my liking. It would be better if we could read the writing and the signs and things...

3- it would have looked better as a landscape I think...because you cut half of the station out...

Last but not took a picture of a gas It's not that interesting to me...
i am about to buy a rebel xti so i am SUPER excited
There is no point of interest. Its just a photo, its overexposed, and un-interesting. IMO
This photo should have been posted in the Bloopers and Snapshots Gallery. I don't think you want general critical analysis on this nor do I think any can be provided.
There was a point where I was so infatuated with night shots and light trails that I completely ignored the basic notions of photography, such as having a subject that people want to look at, having good composition, all that sort of thing. I think you might be in that stage where stuff looks cool so you sort of ignore that it doesn't look good. Sorry if I hurt your feelings, just don't let your 'Oh cool's stop you from achieving 'Oh awesome's, all right?

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