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Nov 12, 2007
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Cleveland, OH
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I am new to photography and new to my camera. I am looking for critique - even if it is harsh - so I can better learn what I should have done with my photos. Thanks.


f/6.7 @ 55mm @ ISO 100 & 1/180s
Aperature priority on an overcast afternoon with some sun peeking out once in a while.
To me there is not really any interesting subject to the photo. The light is flat as well. I would suggest really trying to find a subject for photos not just an overall scene, ask yourself what about this scene is interesting. If you want to capture the industrial nature of a place go wide and get it all.
what was the point of this photo? what were you trying to make interesting, and how did you pursue it as to making it interesting to the viewer
I titled the photo Brazil not because the location is in Brazil but because it reminds me of the movie Brazil: both in the overall mechanized industrial nature of the setting; and, in the specific mess & jumble of pipes.

I saw this mess of pipes of different sizes and shapes with a couple that just end with no apparant purpose. I was trying to capture the seemingly sensless jumbled mess of this industrial wasteland.

I tried to capture that sense by choosing this area where the pipes were the most concentrated. I wanted to capture both the rust colored pipe that is open to nothing, and the very large square curved segmented object that has no seeming purpose.
try taking more pictures of the location.If your drawn to it then explore it. You will either exhaust the subject and move on or you will find the right shot and hit picture gold. Just go by your instincts and they will improve over time.

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