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Oct 14, 2007
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I think it could use a little straightening. I like the building on the left a lot. There seems to be a lot of action there and my eyes keep on wanting to investigate. I'd crop out the bottom a bit to get rid of that close light and give it a more panoramic feel. Overall, cool shot. I like it.
Agree on the tilt, but other than that, a very well composed and controlled lighting exposure..
First off, I really like the inter play of the various levels of light.

My critique is:

- Bottom lamp light is blown to the point that we see lens flare that appears as a spot of light on the road, thats not desireable.

- The picture does appear to be a touch crooked. It really gives it a strange feel when its off. This is something that I am guilty of too from time to time. Turning on the grid inside my viewfinder helped me control that a little more.

My favorite aspects of this picture is not the building as much as the way that the clouds are lightly motion blurred.

If there was one thing I could change, it would be to pan the camera a little more to the right. There is some free room on the left of the picture, but that building cut off on the right had some very interesting aspects and tones that are not there that I feel could be. Looks kinda like a museum?

Nice work!
I agree JerryPH lens flare doesnt always do wonders for pics (depending on where it is and how it looks it can sometimes be desirable) some PS work will get rid of that lens flare a treat though... i always have the same problem with night shots, its hard to deal with such varying levels of light. I think that you should have used a longer exposure to blur the clouds some more but thats just down to personal taste. Also the longer exposure will allow you to include some longer more flowing trails from cars on the road adding a lil more interest to the picture.

if you rotate so that the middle building is not on a slant it will stop it looking crooked.

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