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Nov 12, 2007
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Cleveland, OH
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I am new to photography and new to my camera. I am looking for critique - even if it is harsh - so I can better learn what I should have done with my photos. Thanks.


f/8 @ 55mm @ ISO 200 & 1/60
aperature priority on an overcast afternoon with sun peeking out once in awhile.
is it me or is there no picture there?
The picture shows up when I view the page - and it does so on two different computers of mine at two different locations - but since I am the one who posted it I'm not sure how much that means.
its a little boring i gotta say

theres nothing of interest there

but keep it up!

you've got the right idea, just take pictures of anything and everything

youll get some good ones yet
Welcome to ThePhotoForum, bartonkj, good to hear you got a new camera and found yourself this new hobby.

May I guide you around a little?
You placed your photos in "Special Technical Assistence", which means you want people here to give you pointers and ideas on how to TECHNICALLY better your photos ... what I THINK you really want is some indepth critique? If not that, but only critical comments, I suggest you post your photos into our galleries. They are there for general photo showing, general comments, but you'll be surprised at how many CRITICAL comments you can also get in the galleries.

This photo (to me) is the typical motif and execution of a person who suddenly (or not so suddenly but newly) owns a camera with which they can change the depth of field (DOF), which is an enjoyable feature as it can do something to the image that our eyes cannot do. Focus on something and blur its way out pretty soon behind that something.

Playing with what DOF can do to photos is a funny, necessary, and as I said quite enjoyable thing, and in the course of time you will learn more and more when to use it and for what to use it. By the look of things, you took your camera to that industrial site (where you also photographed the "Towers") and looked for motifs. All well.

This is no negative critique, take it as just a statement - but this photo says "Beginner enjoying DOF" to me all over. But it does not really make a statement. (Well, you ARE only at the beginning, which is why this is NORMAL). Look at many many good photos of good photographers, in books, at exhibitions, in the internet (not all is good that you find in the internet though ... erm ... :roll: .... weeeeeeelllllllll ....<- and this is not about your photos, not at all, don't get me wrong, please), and find out which photos SPEAK. I think that will help you a lot on your way to developing your new hobby.

As to the technical side of this photo ... do you own (and use) a post processing programme with which to further work on your photos once they were taken? If you do, play with the contrasts and the saturation some more for this one ... it is a bit "pale" and the rust colour COULD show a lot more, I feel.

All in all, I shall also move this thread over to the General Critical Analysis, but if you'd rather have your threads in the General Gallery (more people go there, mind), I happily move them further for you, too.
Hi Bart.
I think rustic subjects like this are great so your selection of subject is a good one. You did get some use of the light and shadows but try not to shoot in the high sun. Also try to think of ways to use the light, if you are going to selectively focus on one nut then how about putting all the rest in shadow and the chosen one in light?

Keep going!
Thanks for the comments and thanks for the guidance about where the thread should have been posted - I wasn't sure. I don't take offense at anything said since I have so much to learn that I don't even know what I have to learn. My philosophy is that my limited experience means I am not yet able to determine what I should do - hence my request for critique so I can start learning. Thanks.

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