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Please Critique - Springs


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Nov 12, 2007
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Cleveland, OH
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I am new to photography and new to my camera. I am looking for critique - even if it is harsh - so I can better learn what I should have done with my photos. Thanks.


f/8 @ 55mm @ ISO 100 & 1/125
aperature priority on an overcast afternoon with sun peeking out once in awhile.
As for the exposure it looks fine, I think you need to work on framing though, the sunject of your photo is at the bottom in a pretty uninteresting place. Imagine a tic tac toe board on your viewfinder try positioning the subject at the intersection of the lines
look up rule of thirds

thats what he was talking about

i think thats a good suggestion, the three springs would work well like that
So you are suggesting to move the springs (relative to the edge of the photograph) up and to the left as an example?
no, i think we both mean

that take the springs front on, close range

and have the lines that seperate the springs in line with the lines of the rule of thirds

just a suggestion

not sure how itll look

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