Please help with designing logo in PS!

Wojtek Szymczak

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Sep 21, 2010
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I am Wojtek, a student from Oxford. Together with a couple of friends we're setting up a volunteering platform to match students with projects submitted by the developing world NGOs and charities. It's going great and we're about to launch the society in October, but we don't have a convincing logo as yet...

Thus, I would like to ask if there's someone among you who would be kind enough to volunteer some time and help us? I give the outline of our concept for logo below but innovative ideas are most welcome too.

Name: Wired Oxford Volunteers

Ideas to convey: international, connected (i.e.wired, as our work is Internet based), helping

Our idea: a globe (faded or countours only), enclosed in a ring of barbed wire (like this: building protecting mesh, barbed wire, razor barbed wire (China Manufacturer) - Wire Mesh - Metallurgy & Mining Products - DIYTrade China) which has the shape of the letters "Wired Oxford Volunteers".

The letters are lit with electricity (e.g. as if you channel this coloured current through the mentioned barbed wire. Ideally, "Oxford" and "Volunteers" are lit with blue, "Wired' with red/dark red current.

Again, I would be grateful for any help with this project, as I myself cannot use photoshop well enough. Thank you in advance!

In return, apart from the credits every time with use the logo on websites or official documents and reports, we can offer eternal students gratitude. And a free lunch if you live in Oxford:)



Big Mike

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Dec 16, 2003
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Photoshop is a pixel based program, but logo should be vector based (Adobe Illustrator etc.)

There are several Graphic Design forums where you can submit a job request like this. Then, hopefully you get several designers coming up with some bids.
Sometimes you can get good results for free, but it usually works better when you offer a fee/prize to the winning design.

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