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Feb 1, 2004
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...for tonight's concert, which is to begin in 3 1/2 hours from now (my time), and that a miracle may happen or have happened over night that made our tenor singer a singer after all, and one who knows his part. Will you do that? We need that! He needs that. The audience would also appreciate that... and our already railthin choir master would not need to sweat himself out of the world with anxiety over that tenor's prominent parts. Please!?!?!?
/me crosses fingers

Sounds a lot like our Oboe player...We have a concert tomorrow, and he's certainly nowhere near ready...and he refuses to rehearse with us. Sorry, I just had to vent!

Let us know how the concert goes, it's only an hour and a half away now, right? Viel Gluck und singen sie sehr gut! <--probably wrong structure, so forgive me ;)
oh, Corinna! Here are my best wishes for good luck, a strong tenor, a relaxed choir master, and a very satisfied audience!

Let us know how it goes. :thumbup:
Thanks to all who sent good vibes to here yesterday, they arrived totally undiluted. Thank you so! The "miracle" that happened was that we were placed differently from how we had been placed the night before in our first rehearsal "on the location" (which means: in our church), so a second row of soprano voices came between me and that particular tenor singer, which means I did not hear him as well any more as I did on Thursday night :biggrin: !!
It all went quite well, with a few flaws here and there, none of which the (once more only very small :() audience noticed, only we did, and at least one was caused by no one less than our Mr Choirmaster aka Mr Conductor himself. So there. Outbalanced!

And unlike during the "dress rehearsal" with the group of musicians* immediately before the concert (we cannot afford to have them over on two successive days, hence the proximity of "dress rehearsal" to the concerts), I did not sing bang! into the pause at that one point in time :oops: - phew! :D

(*only 1 violin, 2 violas, 2 celli, 1 counterbase and a harp! never had that before- and the organ, of course)

My father-in-law and two friends had come over for the concert, I had invited him specifically, since it was a Requiem and we only had my mother-in-law's funeral two weeks ago, so I thought that could be my contribution somehow, and he was very, very moved.
There's nothing more I wanted to achieve.
I'm glad everything went well. That was a very sweet thing for your father in law I am sure!
There's nothing more I wanted to achieve.
And that must be a very good feeling right now. :thumbup: I am so happy it turned out so well for all involved! :)

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