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Dec 11, 2007
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Please let me know what you think. Shot in Century City, CA.

Meh, the shot is boring in my opinion. It's also wicked hazy (try a different time of day). And on top of those issues, your lens or sensor is extremely dusty.
Hello and welcome to the forum.

The first thing I noticed as the image opened was that you have been attacked by the sensor dust bunny. You should clone those spots out.

The next thing I noticed was that you have a big palm tree stuck in the middle of your shot.

You've got nice cloud formations without any real punch. I'm trying to look at the geometry of the rooflines to get a sense of pattern and am failing.

The attempt is okay but the result is not working for me.
clean your sensorrr!
I agree with the other posters; this is not the most interesting shot and I'm not really sure what to look at. The haziness of the air might work if you were photographing something else, but I don't like it for this shot.
Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.
What does that mean exactly?
Besides all the technical dust bunny stuff and the problems with dark foliage between light sky and light buildings, there is the main problem of composition.

There is no real point of interest of this picture. The trees in the center aren't of real interest and yet there is nothing really to fix one's eyes on.

What do you want us to look at?
What are you taking this picture of?

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