Please, suggest a monitor with reasonable price!


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Dec 22, 2008
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Dublin, Ireland
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Hallo photographers and retouchers!

Do you have something to suggest as an alternative to 'Apple cinema display'?

Some weeks ago i was going to buy 20 inch one, but suddenly it is gone from market. The others (biggers) from Apple is not affordable to me at the moment.

Wonder what brand/model could go as quality alternative (or maybe even better).
I believe there could be cheaper ones than the apple monitors with the same quality.

(BTW: i do not need a big one, 20-22 inch is very good for me. My budget at the moment ~500-600 euros)

Please give an advice what can i get with my limited budget for a retouch work!

Thank you very much!

I've been doing a bit of research on monitors myself because I'm going to build a new computer soon. And just so you know, you can get a LOT of monitor for 500-600 Euros. It's definitely not a "limited" budget for the most part. Here are a few of the monitors I'm looking at (most are 22"):

  • [ame=""]Acer V223-WBD 22[/ame] - 22", cheap (~$170), and has received TONS of great reviews. If your budget is 500-600 Euros, you could get two and still have some money left over.
  • [ame=""]SCEPTRE X24WG-1080P[/ame] - 24", lots of great reviews, full 1080p resolution, and just a bit more expensive (~$250) than the Acer. A pair of these would still be in your price range.
  • [ame=""]NEC Display Solutions P221W-BK[/ame] - 22". At the top end of your price range, but comes with monitor calibration sensor and software. I have been using an 18" NEC LCD for the last 5 years and absolutely love it.
I've pretty much narrowed it down to those three since I'm in the same position you are budget-wise. Hope that helps!
A tohusand thanks to you, RushNP774, for your response! :D

Somehow i missed to subscribe to my own thread and just now suddenly found your response.

Going to have a look to your suggestions and i will reply in a while.
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ah, RushNP774, just tried to figure out - not delivering to ireland :(

And i cant find any of those in local online shops :(((
how annoying :(
Will go to some electronic sale agencies to ask about those.
I like the NEC, also in anyway i'll need to get a calibrator.
This one would be perfect.... but not sure i can get it here.

I am considering some of those, at the moment... but not sure.

NEC - 19IN LCD EA191M 19 inch: around 300 euros

HP - LP2475w 24 24 inch: around 550 euros
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